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Sri Lankan government banned bottom trawling.

TNPSC Current Affairs July 2017

Sri Lankan Government has amended the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources act, as per the amendment it has banned destructive fishing practice of water trawling in their waters and imposed a fine of 50,000 lankan rupees with upto 2 years imprisonment if there is any breach.

The new rule will expect to affect a section of Indian fisherman engage in bottom trawling.

Bottom Trawling and its impact: 
  • Bottom Trawling is the main issue between Indian and Srilankan Fisherman.
  • Bottom Trawling is a trawling along the sea floor using heavily weighted nets, which is considered very bad in fishing circles as it wipes out everything in their path including coral reefs, sea grasses or rock gardens which fish hide from predators.
  • Bottom trawling will end up many creatures mistakenly including endangered fish and even vulnerable corals which can live for several years.
  • It also destroys large areas of seafloor habitat which give food and shelter to marine species and this will leave the marine ecosystem permanently damaged

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