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TNPSC English Study Material - Part C

TNPSC English Study Material

TNPSCS English Syllabus
19.Syllabus - Matching the Poets and Poems

Discovery – Biking – Inclusion - Granny, Granny, please comb My Hair – With a Friend - To cook and Eat – Bat - To India – My Native Land - A tiger in the Zoo - No men are foreign - Laugh and be Merry –Earth – The Apology - The Flying Wonder - Off to outer space tomorrow morning - Be the best - Is life, but a dream - Women’s rights - The Nation united - English words – Snake – The man he killed

 Inclusion- Dipti Bhatia

To be a part
And not stand apart
To belong
And not to be isolated
To have friends
And not just companions
To feel needed
And not be just a person with needs
To participate
And not just be a spectator
To have responsibilities
And not just enjoy rights
To have opportunities
And not favours
Is to be really 'included'

NOTE: The Above Poem has taken from Tamil Nadu Text Book.

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