TNPSC Current Affairs 2017 March 9

TNPSC Current Affairs March 2017

INS Tillanchang, Fast-Attack Craft (WJFAC) commissioned in Indian Navy .

INS Tillanchang is a Water Jet Fast Attack Craft (WJFAC) was commissioned in Indian Navy by Vice Admiral Girish Luthra. It will be based in Karwar, Karnataka.

About INS Tillanchang:

  • INS Tillanchang is indigenously designed and built by the Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineer, Kolkata. It is an upgrade from the Chetlat class of Fast Attack Craft of the Indian Navy Possesses.
  • It is Third of the four ships of its WJFAC Class kind built by GRSE, the other 2 ships of the class were Tarmugli and Tihayu which was commissioned in 2016 and based at Vishakhapatnam.
  • This is the fastest among all WJFAC built. It is about 50 m long and powered with 3 water jets, which gives speed of 35 knots and above.
  • It is armed with 30 mm Main Gun and light, medium and heavy machine guns. It is manned with 50 Personnel.
  • It helps in coastal and off-shore surveillance, exclusive economic zone control, law enforcement . Also non-military missions such as search and rescue, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief 

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