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TNPSC Current Affairs 2017 March 1

12th Century Chera era Check Dam discovered in Palani, Tamil Nadu.

The 12th Century Chera Era check dam has been discovered by Archaeological team near Palani, Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu.

The check dam was found across the Amaravathi River at saminathapuram n Palani block, it is described as an “Engineering marvel “.

It was constructed by residents of Kadathur village during reign of Cher King Veera Naryanan in 1157 AD, as per a stone inscription on the check dam.

It is constructed to divert surplus water from Amaravathi to kadathur for irrigation.

About Amaravathi River:

It is a tributary of River Cauvery, which originates in Western Ghats in Manjampatti valley between Anamalai and Palani Hills. It runs for 282 km and confluences at Thirumukkoodal near KArur to River Cauvery.

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