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TNPSC Current Affairs February 2017, 5

Neurocalyx calycinus plant possesses medicinal values, Researchers

The Team of Scientist  from the Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute have confirmed the multiple therapeutic properties of the Neurocalyx Calycinus plant which treat inflammation and wounds.

This medicinal plant is used by Cholanaicken Tribe, one of the particularly vulnerable groups of Kerala.
The Scientist came to know about the plant in the year 1988 during a biological survey deep inside the Nilambur Forests.
Medicinal Values:
The Scientist has confirmed the therapeutic effects of Neurocalyx calycinus against burn wounds and pain, besides its immune-enhancing platelet augmentation and anti-oxidant potential, in Pre-cllinical Trials.

N.Calycinus also possess Vitamin E content and potent cytoprtective activity in its cell lines which enhance the prospects of developing an anti-cancer drug.

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