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TNPSC Current Affairs 2017 February 21

Central Government gave permission for further excavation at Keezhadi.

Central Government has given permission for further excavation at Keezhadi, where Bangalore-based Excavation Branch of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), have unearthed biggest habitation of Sangam era, dated between 300 BC to 1000 AD.

Archaeological Survey of India has found that 5600 artifacts includes,  wells, red brick walls, pottery, arrows, iron and copper weapons, signets, ornaments & Scribbling nail and also sewage drains had been laid with baked clay pipe lines. They said that this settlement would be more than 2500 years and it is largest discovery after Harappa civilization.

From ASI Headquarters:

The Excavation was stopped last year and central Government has given permission for further excavation. Director General of Archaeological survey of India has said that the report of the work done includes drawings, stratigraphy and important findings should be submitted immediately after completing work.

It also said that all the antiquities unearthed should be documented at the site in National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities (NMMA) in 3D Format, available at NMMA Website.

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