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Center clears Tamil Nadu Ordinance on Jallikattu.

TNPSC Current Affairs January 21 2017

Union Government has cleared the Ordinance on Jallikattu , paving the way for the Tamil Nadu government to promulgate it in an effort to end the protests in the state.


Jallikattu is a traditional bull taming sport, it is an age old annual sport held during festival Pongal.  In May 2014 Supreme court has banned the Jallikattu .To lift the ban , there should be an amendment in Prevention of cruelty of Animals Act 1960 on which the judgment was passed.

PCA falls under concurrent list of government, it means both Central and State Government can enact Laws. 

Tamil Nadu Governor promulgate the ordinance to amend PCA has brought prior instruction from president under article 213.

About Concurrent List

The legislative system in India is divided into 3 section, Union, State and concurrent list under seventh Schedule of constitution.

Union-100 (Originally 97)
State- 61(Originally 66)
Concurrent- 52(Originally 47)

As per the list Union and State government can enact laws in their respective list under seventh schedule of Indian constitution.

Under concurrent list both Union and State can enact law but if there is any conflict the law enacted in parliament will prevail.

About Article 213

Article 213 in Indian constitution is power of governor to promulgate ordinance during recess of legislature. Once the ordinance is approved then there is 6 month time to pass it in legislature. If the Legislature passed the law then the ordinance will become permanent. Even Ordinance promulgate by governor is also under Judicial review if it is not satisfied the constitution.

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