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Bombay natural History society launches climate change programme in Himalayas

TNPSC Current Affairs January 30 & 31

The Bombay Natural history Society has launched climate change programme in central Himalayas to assess the status, distribution and conservation of pheasants and Finches .The programme was funded by Oracle and facilitated by CAF India. This Programme is to understand the impact of climate change on biodiversity of Himalayan Region.

The Himalayas has rich natural heritage with diverse flora and fauna. India is home for nearly 50 Species of pheasants and 62 species of Finches and several species are listed in globally threatened category by International union for conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The Programme will be focus on conservation efforts with the help of local communities and sensitiize the local forest department staff

About IUCN:

International Union for Conservation of Nature is an international organisation for conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. It was established on 1948 as International union of protection of nature and further it was called as world Conservation Union (1990-2008) and now it is International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Headquarters is in Gland, Switzerland. The current Director General of IUCN is Inger Anderson and President is Zhang Xinsheng.

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