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TNPSC Current Affairs 2016 November ,5

TNPSC Current Affairs November 2016, 5

1.World Bank declares Andhra Pradesh Tops in Energy Efficiency in India.

The World bank has ranked A.P as number one in Energy Efficiency Implementation Readiness in India.

Andhra Pradesh has scored 42.01 followed by Rajasthan(41.89), Maharashtra(32.29), and kerala(34.48). Gujarat, Delhi, Punjab, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh are the other states in the top ten ranking.

It was figured in world Banks report titled " India's State Level Energy Efficiency Implementation Readiness".

2.Turkey Interest in FTA with India.

Turkey wants India to talk about Free Trade Agreement with Turkey. 

Already there is Joint Study Group report on the Feasibility and possibility of concluding a CEPA (comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement) or otherwise called Free Trade Agreement between two countries but there is no confirmation on date of Free Trade Agreement Negotiation.

Tukey's Development Minister Lutfi Elvan said that Turkey is interested in talks with India For FTA and Turkey is Safe Heaven for Foreign Investors.

What is Free trade Agreement(FTA)?.

FTA which involves cooperation between at least 2 countries to reduce it trade barrier, like import quotas and tarrifs . It will help to increase trade of Goods and services between 2 countries.

3. Bhitarkanika Park, Odisha- nominated Heritage site of UNESCO.

A Five Member Assessment team from IUCN(International Union for Conservation of Nature) going to visit the Bhitarkanika Park in Odisha. 

This is the first time the team visiting after nominated as one of the nine natural eco spot to be included in world Heritage Site.

The team will inspect the Eco-site in all the aspects included issues of protection, conservation, people's participation, tourism, bio-diversity etc. The team will examine and submit its recommendation to the world union about its inclusion.

About Bhitarkanika National Park

Bhitarkanika Park is located in Kendarapara District in Odisha. It was created in 1988 and it is a second largest mangrove ecosystem in India.

This Park is home for Saltwater Crocodile, White crocodile , black ibis , darters and many species.

This national park presently figures in protected wetlands under the Ramsar convention. 

4. India Opens seats to Nepal Students in IIT's .

President Pranab Mukerjee announced that from next year India opens seats to Nepalese student to compete for IIT's Seat.

President said that Academic and student exchange programmes had been part of long tradition in bilateral ties between India and Nepal. India will continue to help Nepal with developing its human resource.

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