Tamil Nadu Police Recruitment 2016

Tamil Nadu Police Sub-Inspector  and Constable Written exam Tips

Written exam consists of 140 question Includes 80 marks for General Knowledge and 60 marks for Psychology
As per TNSURB the standard of syllabus will be Degree, but mostly the question will be in 12th standard. So we should concentrate more on School books rather than reading other books.

Once you complete reading the school books from 6th standard to 12 Standard, then we can start reading other books. Concentrate mostly on Science , History, Geography, Politics and 11th and 12th Commerce and Accounts Books.

Concentrate on our Samacheer kalvi books from 6th Standard to 12th Standard as per the syllabus given by TNSURB. Don't Waste you time reading all the things in School Books, concentrate only as per Syllabus. 90% of Questions will come from our Tamil Nadu's Samacheer Kalvi Books from 6th std to 12 std.

Important Note:
IF you are not able to read all the syllabus from School books, read only question and answer given in back of Each chapter from 10 th std to 12 th Standard(Atleast you can answer few questions)

To clear the Exam you should at least write 100 correct answers. If you score more than 110 then you are 60 percent confirm to get JOB  because in Physical test you don’t want to get all Stars and in Interview 5 marks is enough to get your Dream Job

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