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TNPSC VAO Basics of village administration -About Land Assignment in Villages

TNPSC VAO study material -land assignment in villages -Basics of village administration 

Basis About land Assignment in Villages

To improve the economic condition of the landless poor, the government lands should be utilized. For Homeless poor Government should provide with Shelter.

The Land which is fit for assignment of cultivation and house site, it should be transferred as assessed waste or village site before assignment.

Land Assignment for Cultivation (RSO 15)


The people who are landless , which means those who doesn’t own any land or less land than 3 acres of dry or 1.50 acres of wet for all the district except Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.


The eligible people will get maximum extent for cultivation is 3 acres of dry or 1.5 acres of wet, except the kanyakumari dist.

For kanyakumari it is 1.5 acres dry and .75 acre wet.

The people who get the land should cultivate himself or he can assist by his family members. Even hired labour can be used but most important is, he should not give land for lease.

Land Value:

The Land valued more than Rs 1,000/acre is said to be valuable lands.

Assigning Authorities:

Non valuable land, where value less RS 1000
Divisional officer
the land value more than 20,000
Dist. Revenue Officer
the land value not more than 50,000
Not more than Rs 2 Lakhs
Commissioner of land Administration
Does not exceed rs 2.5 L

The proposal for assignment should be sent to Gvt. The assignment land should be assessed waste or poramboke lands.

Lands which should not be assigned:
  • Burial Ground close to the village should not be assigned
  • Government lands containing valuable trees and thopes should not be assigned
  • There should not be any land assigned in Reserve land boundary.
  • The military area, the land contains minerals, should not be assigned.
  • Lands near Airport, Railway Station should be assigned only after consulting particular authorities.

For Assigning Poramboke land a notice signed by Revenue Inspector should be published in village with full details and calling for any objection. Also there should be a letter to Punchayat for Opinion.

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