ISRO set to launch backup satellite IRNSS-1H.

TNPSC Current Affairs June 2017

Indian Space Research Organisation is preparing to launch  one of its back-up navigation satellite IRNSS-1H for replacement to IRNSS-1A satellite, whose three atomic clocks have failed. PSLV C39 will carry the new satellite IRNSS-1H into the orbit in late July or early August.

About IRNSS(Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) 
  • IRNSS is an navigation satellite system which is similar to the Global Positioning System(GPS) of US, Galileo of Europe , Glonass of Russia and Chinas Beidou. GPS and Glonas are global system, Galileo and Beidou are regional purpose.
  • In Simple IRNSS is said to be “Indian GPS”.
  • IRNSS is designed been designed to support vehicle tracking, fleet management, disaster management and mapping services besides terrestrial, marine and aerial navigation for India and also it is used for Defence purpose.


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