TNPSC Current Affairs 2017 March 4(All)

TNPSC Current Affairs March 2017

1.Kurukh Language gets official language status in West Bengal

West Bengal has granted official language status to Kurukh Language Spoken by Oraon and Kisan Tribes.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has granted the official status to the Kurukh an endangered tribal language of Dravidian Family, as to mark the International Mother language day.

As per the 2001 census, the Kurukh language spoken by Oraon and Kisan Tribes are 17 lakhs people. To develop and popularise the Kurukh, we need to have a standard script and grammar, dictionary and textbooks like other Dravidian Languages.

About Kurukh Language:

Kurukh is a Dravidian Language spoken by Oraon and Kisan Tribes of odisha and surrounding areas of West Bengal, Jharkand, Bihar, Bangladesh. AS per 2001 Census around 17 lakh people speaks Kurukh Language. It has been listed as endangered language by UNESCO.


Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) has coordinated OPERATION THUNDER BIRD and
OPERATION SAVE KURMA in India to fight against wildlife crime.


Operation Thunderbird is the code name for Interpol’s multinational and multi-species enforcement operation. It is a Global operation tackling the illegal trade in wildlife and timber

Operation Thunderbird in India is an huge success, it has ceased a total of 2524 live species of scheduled animals, 19.2 kg of elephant ivory, 1 tiger skin, 9 carcasses of wild animals, 1 organ pipe coral, 1 jar snake venom, 8 leopard skins and 1 Indian Mujtac skin and 71 persons were arrested during the operation.


Operation Save kurma  is species specific operation on turtles convened by Wildlife Crime control Bureau (WCCB). It has been conducted from December 15 2016 to January 30 2017, total of 15,739 live turtles has been recovered.

The operation brought awareness among the enforcement agencies on existing trade and major trade hubs of country, especially in future.

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