TNPSC Current Affairs 2017 February 26 & 27

ICAR Scientist says, Pests eat away India’s 35% of total crop yield

P.K Chakrabarty , Assistant director General (Plant Protection an Biosafety) of ICAR (Indian council of Agricultural Research) has said that about 30-35% of crops yield in India annually gets wasted because of Pests.

P.K Chakrabarty also said among such pests, Nematodes are the major threat to crops in the country and they caused 60 million tonnes of crops loss annually. He also said that such loss will have an adverse effect on agricultural biosafety which was paramount to Food Security.
About Nematodes.

Nematodes are the most numerous multicellular animals on earth, a small amount of soil will contain thousands of microscopic worms. Most of them are parasites of insects, plants or animals.

They found in almost every habitat, includes terrestrial, freshwater, saltwater ecosystems, also within other organisms as parasites. It can be herbivorous, carnivorous, and parasitic.

Nematodes Management

The Plant-parasitic nematodes are a concern for growers of agricultural. These plant-parasitic nematodes will mainly feed on the roots of plants which caused the damage on plants and there will be a huge loss to the farmers.

  • Once he Nematode established in land, it cannot be eradicated. Nematodes are mainly spread through lack of sanitation and movement of infected soil and planting material.
  • To limit a build-up of nematodes, planting equipment and tools should be properly cleaned and also could only be used for the same field.
  • After the harvest infected plants should be destroyed completely to avoid further build-up of nematodes..
  • Crops rotation and Nematodes resistant plants can  also resist the nematodes from build-up.

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